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Warning: Some pictures and videos are graphic. Use your discretion.

If you don’t like pictures of animal cruelty being posted on social media,
then you need to help stop cruelty, not the pictures.
You should be bothered that it’s happening,  not that you saw it.
Should homeless shelters be allowed to murder transitory humans?
Should social services be allowed to kill babies who are given for adoption?
Then why should animal shelters be allowed to kill the animals who end up in their care?

What is animal cruelty?
Cruelty to animals is the infliction of suffering, pain, harm or death upon animals.
Should animals have rights?
Yes, they should.
Some may argue that because animals do not think and act like human beings they should not be treated like them.
They are wrong, because they too have a nervous system, they can  feel both physically and emotionally.
They are living, breathing creatures that were placed on Earth for a reason,
the same as humans.

It should be illegal to abuse any animal, not just domesticated ones.

Yet, there is far more animal cruelty happening ‘All over the World’ than most people realize, with hundreds of millions of animals suffering in a shocking, horrifying and gruesome ways.

This is a disturbing lack of understanding or feeling by some humans towards animals in their care.
Who in their right mind could beat, burn alive, abandon, starve a defenseless animal or a dog?

Being in your cozy domain you may not believe it, but see for yourself,
This is that ‘Cruel World’ which exists.



June 13th, 2014.
Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act in the U.S.A. was passed by Congress
and signed by President Barack Obama.

In spite of the law, sexual fetish films for pervert pleasures called “Crush Videos” are doing the rounds that show attractive young women using stiletto high heels torturing and crushing baby animals with high heels, using screwdrivers, knives, pliers and meat cleavers. Another graphic video shows a woman slicing a small dog’s neck and slashing his legs off with meat cleaver.

The first prosecution took place with Ashley Nicole Richards, 23 years and
Brent Justice, 53 year old.
                                           Ashley Nicole Richards                   Brent Justice     

 Richards is seen in approximately eight videos torturing, killing puppies, chickens and kittens by first puncturing their eyes with her stiletto high heels, using filthy language and urinating on the hapless animals.
She was sentenced to 10 years jail and remains inside in lieu of a $50,000 bail.
Her partner Brent Justice was among the first to be prosecuted under Crush Video Prohibition Act.



In Manila, Philippines, police and local Animal Welfare groups are on the hunt for these three Filipinas who made this Crush Video crushing a small puppy to death with their weight. There are many crush videos being circulated that caters to a horrible twisted and demented audience. It’s a shame this money making scheme is still operating secretly to a perverted barbarian crowd.

Instead of using the state machinery, and trying to save it’s expenditure to curb stray dog population, the Mayor of Sonora offered to pay its citizens $20 for each dog destroyed. He sees nothing wrong in citizens using extreme cruel methods such as poisoning, stabbing or beating them to death.

This picture shows a nursing female stray dog violently bludgeoned to death for $20. Her fragile puppies are trying desperately to suckle from her ‘dead’ body.

During the Euro 2012 football tournament, at least 50,000 stray dogs were first paralyzed so they could not run away, then they were burnt alive. Some were shot, clubbed to death, hanged from trees and poisoned before 1.5 million football fans would arrive.
Other brutal sadistic method used was stabbing dogs in the stomach with screwdrivers and leaving them to die a painful death.

RSPCA figures released in late 2012 showed a 65% rise in animal abandonment across U.K. and saw 120,000 dogs dumped on the streets in one year alone. On an average up to 6 people were convicted for animal cruelty every day.

RSPCA inspectors investigate more than 150,000 complaints of cruelty and neglect every year.

Reports released by PETA shows a strong link of a large number of convicted murderers, rapist and hoodlums have a past history of animal abuse.

Apart from other animals neglect, farm abuse of animals and trading of horses and donkeys in Britain has led to deaths of many animals forced to live in rotting remains. The sick trade of bedraggled horses, many of which end up on French dinner plates.

                                                        Horrific scene of a dying horse on a Buckinghamshire farm.

Animals torture and abuse in the U.S. sometimes in the most sadistic and brutal ways are far too many to mention.

About 2,168,000 women and men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner. Media reports linked animal cruelty cases to persons with a history of domestic violence.

Most cases are never reported and most animals suffering goes unabated. Although there is a national reporting system, animal abuse is common in rural and urban areas.

From the many other animal  victims, the American Pit-bull terrier is the most abused dog used in dog fighting.
It is a sadistic contest where two dogs are placed in a small pit enclosed by plywood
walls to fight each other for the spectators entertainment and gambling.
Injuries inflicted are frequently severe and even fatal.
Pit-bulls live in horrific living conditions. Once they are past their prime or can no longer fight, they are just abandoned, starved or put to death.

                                                    Pit Bulls chained and living in cut-out drums

The United States is a big farming nation. It also has many inhuman methods when dealing with animals.
The U.S. is not perfect, nor is any country with this behavior towards animals.

Despite the existence of wildlife protection laws in China, more and more people in China and the International Community are concerned about the level of protection that animals receive in China.

Bear Farming:
This is China’s most brutal operation. Asiatic Black Bears are put  in small cages for their ‘whole life’ for extracting bile from their gallbladders through an open wound cut in their stomachs.
This brutal surgery procedure often causes irreparable damage to their internal organs.

                                                      Asiatic Black Bears living in cramped cages for life long.

In the Asian cat and dog meat trade, millions of cats and dogs are cruelly and savagely killed by people who believe the more terrified the animal is before death, the better the meat taste due to the adrenaline released into their body.

These two photographs  show dogs desperately trying to scramble out of a pot of scalding hot water as they are slowly and agonizingly boiled alive to be eaten.


CHINA’S FUR FACTORY: (Listen carefully to the video narration)

This video may be inappropriate for some as it contains disturbing images.
If you are not able to withstand such images, please do not watch.


There is nothing sporting about sports that involve unwilling animal to participate. These activities are no game, they are about survival.
The losers pays with their lives.


A Federal dog fighting raid in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and other states show its big time money betting anywhere between $5000 and $20,000. These dog fighters abuse, starve and kill their dogs for the supposed ‘fun’ of watching and gambling on a dog fight. Their behavior is deplorable.



Greyhound racing is a great gambling industry particularly in Australia, Ireland, Macau, Mexico, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.A.

The greyhound is a very gentle, quiet and a friendly animal. It is the fastest dog with speeds up to 45 Mph.
But for racers they are not considered as a living animal, but rather a running machine.
Over a time any dog that slows down or becomes unprofitable is killed.
A dog that is injured or develops muzzle sores or any other problem is killed.
If they win they live, if they lose they die.
End of racing season, if a greyhound is a loss making liability, they are euthanized, shot, bludgeoned, starved or simply hanged like this greyhound in the picture:

Although this sport is on the decline, it enjoyed its highest attendance after Second World War with more than 34 million paying spectators.



Bullfighting are not “Fair Fights” between a bull and a matador,
its highly staged form of animal cruelty.

Bulls are deliberately weakened before the fight by being drugged.
Their horns are shaved to disorient them.
Sandbags are dropped on their backs.
Petroleum jelly is rubbed into their eyes to blur their vision 

It is a sham of bravado and cowardly killing of a bull.

Once a bull enters the ring, the cape is waved several times by ‘Toreros’ for the bull to charge and tire it. The ‘Picador’ enters on horseback and drive long spears into the bulls back.
This tires the bull and weakens its neck and shoulder muscles and drop its head.
The ‘Banderillas’ with their colorful short spears stab the bull in the back.
By now the bull has lost considerable amount of blood and is almost disoriented.
The ‘Matador’ enters with a cape and sword to a rousing spectators cheer.
He further waves the cape for the bull to charge and tire it.
The matador drives his sword in the bull's back to severe the aorta.
If the bull does not die quickly, a small knife is used to severe its spinal cord and neck.



Cock fighting is a blood sport between two roosters held in a ring called cockpit. They attack and slash each other with razor-sharp blades attached to their legs and are forced to fight to the death.
They are intentionally bred for aggression and are then trained and injected with hormones, drugs and supplements to increase stamina and aggressiveness.
Sometime if a looser survives he is killed by the trainer either by electrocution, drowning, or is hanged or shot.
Recently in a joint operation between Police and RSPCA, hundreds of birds and high stake money of more than $100,000 in cash was seized in Laverton and St. Albans.


Mostly takes place in Tamil Nadu. Unlike in Spanish bullfighting, the bull is not killed. The rule specify that the person has to hold on to a running bull for a certain distance to win a prize. The methods used to prepare and prod the bull to participate are cruel.
In May 2014, the Supreme Court banned Jallikatu and bullock Cart racing in Tamil Nadu. The state is still trying to petition for a review as it considers this as an ancient tradition.



Watch this undercover investigating video at a Chicken Hatchery.

The next time you sit to enjoy a chicken meal, remember how that meal came on your plate.

In the U.K. and U.S. it is legal and termed 'Humane" to grind male chicks alive and use them as padding in packaging. 


The Finnish animal rights organization research group uncovered shocking material on 80 fur farms.

Foxes without legs.
Puppies eating dead puppies.
Animals with huge open wounds.
Serious untreated injuries.
Cannibalism, animals unable to walk, serious eye and gum infections and decomposing animals left in cages with their living mates.

All the farms were certified by the government, but this was a false scheme created by fur farmers to market the products as “Humane”

After watching this heart-rendering video,
Would you still prefer a Mink Coat?

WARNING: Graphic Video.

                                                              Finland's Dark Cruel Secrets.



To say that animal experiments involve pain is an understatement.

Animals are infected with diseases that they would never normally contract.
Kittens are intentionally blinded.
Animals are forced to drink chemicals.
Large tumors are made to grow in tiny mice.
Their spines are crushed.
Numerous surgeries are performed, their skulls are opened and wires are implanted in their brains, and all this without painkillers.
Would a human bear this torture?

Often animals see other animals killed right in front of them and they cower in fear every time someone walks by their cage if they will be dragged to meet this terrible fate.

The cases on this page are just a very ‘tiny’ portion of the frightening horrors that happen every day to numerous innocent animals in many different ways, whether it’s for human entertainment or for scientific research.


Tests that use animals to assess the safety of cosmetics and personal care products, such as lipstick, mascara, shampoo and cologne are still extremely common in the United States. It’s estimated that thousands of mice, guinea pigs, rats and rabbits suffer and die in these tests every ear in the U.S. alone. Pain relief is rarely provided and the animals used are always ‘killed’ at the end of each test.

In a huge victory for animals, The European Union has banned the sale of any cosmetics or cosmetic ingredient that have been tested.
Israel has completely banned cosmetic testing on animals.
China has made strides and is poised to start its first non-animal tests for cosmetic.
In India, Drug Controller General has suspended all tests on animals for cosmetics until non-animal methods are accepted, and is considering a permanent ban.

Unfortunately, it is hard to believe, United States of America still continues animal experiments even though ‘Non-Animal’ tests are widely available, they still continue to poison, burn and blind animals in tests 

To learn more about cosmetic testing visit:


It is hard to tell what drives people to harm innocent animals.

It is our job to be the voice for creatures who cannot speak up for themselves. As a nation we need to make it our priority to come together and ensure the safety of our beloved pets.

As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


The proper method of reporting internet animal cruelty, abuse, and crimes will work for offensive Facebook pages as well as any other website on the Internet.


1.. DO NOT CONTACT THE WEBSITE OWNER – While it may be mildly therapeutic to tell them what you think of them and their actions, you will be alerting them to their discovery and they may remove the offensive information.

2.. DO NOT FLAG THE WEBSITE FOR REMOVAL FROM PUBLIC SITE – such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or others, as that may permanently delete evidence needed to build a case against the offender.

3.. DO NOT SHARE the information with others, because they may in either of the above ways  defeat your purpose. Sharing the website may also increase traffic to the website in question which may support the offender or excite the offender.

4.. DO NOT CREATE AN ONLINE PETITION – for the same reasons as listed above. Now you must collect your evidence. Collect as much information as possible. If you are lacking some of the information listed below, you should still share the information that you do have, and a link to the website with the appropriate reporting agency.

A.   Download as much of the information from the website, i.e. photos, videos, etc. as you can      and save them. Print out copies of all offending pages.
B.   Be sure to have as much personal information on the person running the website as       possible including, but not limited to, the name, contact information, and location.    
C.  Try to determine the offender’s location.
     Try to determine the offender’s ISP address.
E   You can do this at   Instructions for using dnsstuff are here


Prior to Animal Welfare Act, animal welfare law was largely reactive and action could only be taken once an animal had suffered. We now have Animal Welfare Organizations, Animal Emergency Helpline and Police help. Here are a few contacts:

PETA   People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.
SPCA   Operates in Africa, Asia, Australia, Israel, Europe, United Kingdom, North America,
             United States, The Caribbean and Oceania with branches in every corners.
PFA      People for Animals India.
HSUS   Human Society of the United State. (To start a world-wide petition)

Many animal welfare organizations have joined the fight to help stop cruelty to animals. You too can join or start your own movement.

Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society. Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed against human beings or against animals, is not the exclusive province of any one culture or community of people……… Ceaser Chavez 1927 - 1993  


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